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Indian Ordnance Factories.

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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Indian Ordnance Factories Online Tenders eProcurement

To streamline the Indian Ordnance Factories e-procurement process, a portal has been created. Vendors who wish to participate in OFB tenders have to register at All tender invitations are uploaded on the Indian Ordnance Factories e-procurement system.

If a vendor supplies to multiple factories, he/she can select any one category during the enrolment process. Once the enrolment is approved by OFB officials, the vendor can update his/ her profile to include other factories or work areas.

It is mandatory for Indian vendors to enter TAN number and PAN number, in the registration form. During registration, the company’s official email ID must be used. Communication related to tenders and corrigendum will be sent to this email id.

Vendors can submit bids for Indian Ordnance Factories e-tenders by filling online forms. Data provided by vendors is stored in an encrypted format on the OFB servers. The encrypted data is secure and cannot be viewed by unauthorised persons.  Even OFB officials can view the bids only after the date of opening for the specific tender.

Tenderers can submit more than one bid against a tender. The latest quotation will supersede previous bids against the tender. The older bids will remain unopened in the system and OFB officials will not view the details. Only the latest bid will be considered valid. For some tenders, vendors may be asked to submit their bids in paper along with electronic bids. If there is a difference in the bids, the electronic bid shall prevail.

A valid class 3 digital signature certificate (DSC) is essential to register on the Indian Ordnance Factories e-procurement portal. As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, it is mandatory to use valid digital signature certificates for participation in online tendering and e-procurement. Certifying authorities issue DSCs to individuals, companies and government organisations. The certificates can be used for personal as well as commercial purposes. These certificates are used for e-commerce transactions such as online banking, electronic data interchange, and to access information and services on the internet. The certificates are available with a validity of one year or two years. Vendors can buy class 3 DSC issued by TCS at

The digital signature should be stored in a secure location to prevent its misuse. To ensure security of a digital signature certificate, Esign provides it on a USB cryptographic device. The device is password protected and the data is lost if a user tries to re-initialise it.

Certifying authorities (CAs) carry out a verification process, before issuing digital certificates to applicants. OFB officials can be sure that the vendor is the person he/she is claiming to be, if they possess a valid digital signature certificate. CAs collaborate with financial institutions such as credit card companies to verify the information provided by applicants. During verification, the applicant needs to be physically present before the registration authority (RA).

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