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THDC Tenders, Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited eProcurement, Sify SafeScrypt Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, Sify SafeScrypt Class 3 DSC, Buy Digital Signature Certificates Online
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Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited THDC

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Sify Safescrypt Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

THDC eTenders, Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited eProcurement

Procurement is the process of buying goods and services from an external source. Bids from various vendors are invited and the contract is awarded to the most suitable bidder. Various Government departments use e-procurement to procure goods and services as per their requirements. It is the process by which the conventional tender process is carried out using the web and associated technologies. It includes publishing of tenders online, inviting the bids online, evaluation of contracts, awarding contracts etc. As per the Indian Information Technology Act, 2000, digital signature certificates (DSC) are mandatory for tenderers who wish to participate in online tendering in India. Bidders can find details on Tehri Development Corporation Limited Hydro Tenders at and at 

The tender document will also provide information on the bid validity period of the tender. It states how long the bids should remain valid. The tender inviting authority will complete the entire process of opening the bid, evaluating the tender and awarding the contract, during this period.

DSCs are the digital equivalents of physical or paper certificates. Physical certificates such as drivers' licenses, passports, etc are used to confirm the identity of an individual. Similarly, digital signatures are used to authenticate the identity of the owner. It is used electronically to prove the identity of individual, to access information or services on the internet or to sign certain documents digitally.

With the advent of the latest technology and security in online processes, most government authorities have switched to e-procurement. E-procurement is a transparent and a secure way to award contracts in the government sector.

Requirement of class 3 digital signature certificates:
To participate in THDC online tenders, vendors have to buy class 3 digital signature certificates.  The certificates, which come in a validity of one year or two years, provide a higher level of security as compared to class 2 signature certificates. Class 3 DSC is issued only after the applicant’s identity is verified by a registration authority. Tender-related documents on the Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Limited e-procurement portal have to be signed digitally using a class 3 DSC.

Vendors can buy sify class 3 digital signature certificate at . Using the online portal, users can purchase a signing digital signature certificate or a signing and encryption digital signature certificate, based on their requirements.

Sify Safescrypt is India’s first licensed certifying authority. It is authorised to sell sify class 3 digital signature certificates and sify class 2 digital signature certificate. The certificates can be ordered at The certificates are issued within seven working days. Assistance on how to install the certificates and use them is also provided. The vendors can determine the type of certificate they need to purchase, as per their requirement, at -

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