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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited eProcurement, HPCL Tender

With the introduction of e-governance, e-tendering is preferred in most Government departments. Electronic tendering or e-tendering is a procedure to send and receive tenders by electronic means, instead of using traditional tendering process. The basic process and the principles of tendering remain the same. 

  1. Reduced expenses – Since the vendors send electronic documents via the internet, there is no need to print and post the tender documents.

  2. Efficient process – Tenders can be created, exchanged and stored electronically in an efficient manner on the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited e-procurement portal.

  3. Speed – As the processes are carried out online, the tendering period is shorter. Online tenders eliminate postage delays. The HPCL officials can evaluate the tenders faster. Instant delivery of the tender-related documents eliminates worries about the delivery of documents within the deadline. 

  1. Vendor should register on the HPCL portal for online tenders and obtain a valid user id and password.

  2. Tenderers should buy a digital signature certificate which is legally valid in India. Licensed certifying authorities operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India can sell digital certificates to vendors who want to bid for e-tendering and e-procurement. For HPCL e-procurement the vendor should buy class 3 digital signature certificate.

  3. Vendors should have an internet connection. If the users experience slow connectivity to the HPCL portal, they should contact their system administrator/ISP provider for desirable speeds.

  4. The browser used to access the HPCL e-procurement portal has to be Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above

  5. The vendors should use a computer which has operating system Microsoft Windows 98 or above.

  6. The bidders should read specific tender documents for any other pre-requisites and fulfill all those to participate.

Two options are available for vendors to register on the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited e-procurement portal: 

  1. Basic process to register temporarily for participation in public HPCL online tenders and

  2. Process for one-time permanent registration 

Security features incorporated in the HPCL e-procurement portal protects all the data. No unauthorised person has access to the information. The entire solution is protected by a firewall. The data is stored in an encrypted format. The data is encrypted with the help of digital signature certificates. A pair of keys – private and public – are essential in making this process secure. At the database level, passwords of all registered users is encrypted. 
As per process validation, the data submitted by the bidder can be viewed only by authorised personnel after the opening date and time of the particular tender. 

Digital signatures play a crucial role in making online tendering a safe and secure process. The certifying authorities (CAs) verify the identity of the user of DSC. The digital signature of the individual is authorised and certified by the particular CA.  
The entire online tendering process is in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 of the Government of India. 


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