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Kerala Water Authority Tenders, KWA eProcurement, Sify SafeScrypt Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, Sify DSC, Sify Class 2 Class 3 Digital Certificate.
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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Kerala Water Authority Online Tenders / KWA eProcurement

A digital signature, which is an electronic signature, can be used to protect information being shared via the internet. By using an electronic signature, e-mail messages and electronic documents can be encrypted. Information on electronic documents signed using a digital signature certificate (DSC), cannot be tampered with. The signature proves that the information originated from the signee.

Class 3 digital signatures provide the highest level of security in electronic signatures. Sify digital signatures are issued with a start date and an expiration date. Like all digital signature certificates, once the sify DSC expires, it is listed in the certificate revocation list (CRL). Organisations to which digitally-signed documents are submitted, can check the validity period of a certificate from the CRL. Certificates listed in the CRL should are no longer valid. Along with validity, a CRL also mentions the reason why the digital certificate was revoked.

Public key cryptography is used to confirm that a public key belongs to a specific organisation/individual. A sify digital signature certificate is an electronic document that uses a digital signature to bind the owners’ identity to a public key.

Kerala Water Authority (KWA) has introduced a secure e-tendering and e-procurement system. KWA e-tendering portal is a secure web-based platform where all tender-related activities can be carried out electronically. The conventional paper-based tendering process has been replaced with the electronic tendering process to increase transparency in purchases.

Sify class 3 digital certificates are ideal for participating in the online tendering process. New contractors can view and download tenders invited by KWA on the e-procurement portal. With sify class 3 DSC, vendors can be assured that their data on digitally-signed documents cannot be hacked on the internet. The information provided by vendors is totally secure. The data shared by registered contractors is used only by the respective departments for evaluation and awarding of tenders.

A sify digital signature certificate is stored on an e-token. Users can also store personal information such as user names, passwords, cryptographic keys, credentials or other data on the e-token as well. Information on the e-token cannot be duplicated. The registration authority which has processes the application installs the .PFX file to the e-token. Only one individual digital signature certificate can be stored in an e-token. Along with a sify DSC, the certificate provider also provides drivers to recognise the e-token.

These steps will help with installation of e-token drivers:
1.    Adding the KWA e-procurement portal as a trusted site on the web browser
2.    Enabling the Active X controls in the Internet Explorer browser
3.    Installing the root and chain certificates of the

Issuance of any digital signature certificate is governed by rules laid down by the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) and it requires physical documents to be presented to the certifying authority prior to issuance of the digital signature.

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