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Public Works Department Government of Puducherry Tenders, PWDPON eProcurement, Sify SafeScrypt Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, Sify DSC, Sify Class 2 Class 3 Digital Certificate.
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Public Works Department Government of Puducherry

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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Public Works Department Government of Puducherry Online Tenders / PWDPON eProcurement

Any organisation or company that wishes to participate in e-tenders by government organisations needs a class 3 digital signature certificate. It has to be registered in the name of an authorised representative. A digital signature certificate ensures greater security in other online transactions, along with enabling vendors to apply for Public Works Department, Government of Puducherry tenders.

E-tendering is preferred as the processes are extremely convenient and transparent. Applying for tenders online has various advantages.  Tender-related documents are uploaded on the PWDPON e-procurement website and acknowledgement receipts are provided immediately. Vendors can download help manuals and view contact details under ‘Help’ section. Public Works Department, Government of Puducherry e-procurement helpdesk can be contacted at 09686196765 and 09865370307.

New users can register on the portal to obtain a username and password for participating in the PWDPON online tendering process. The portal is compatible with Internet Explorer version 7, 8 and 9, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox version 4 and above. A registration fee of Rs. 1124 has to be paid in favour of K.S.E.D.C.L, Bangalore.

A valid class 3 digital signature certificate is required for participation in PWDPON tenders. A sify class 3 DSC, issued by Safescrypt, authenticates the signee’s identity electronically. A sify digital signature provides a high level of security for online transactions by ensuring absolute privacy of the information exchanged. These certificates are used to encrypt messages such that only the intended recipients can decrypt it. With a sify class 3 digital certificate, the owner can digitally sign information to assure the recipient that the message has not been tampered with in transit. It also verifies the signee’s identity as the sender of the message.

The online tendering portal creates a dynamic market place for both buyers and vendors to interact with each other and transact business. All processes related to tendering such as registration of vendors, tender announcement and corrigendum, processing of tender form, opening of tenders, negotiation and tender awarding are supported on the PWDPON portal.

E-tendering account created once can be accessed from any location. Registered users need a computer with minimum Pentium IV configuration and a broadband internet connection. Complete details related to system requirements can be viewed on the website.

Passwords of registered users are encrypted at the database level. As a part of the security policy, vendors are advised to change their password frequently.

In case users forget/lose their password, it cannot be retrieved. Users have to request for a new password by sending an email to local representative mentioning details such as company name and user id for reference. A new system-generated password will be generated and sent via email within 24 working hours. The data and sensitive information provided by users is used only by the respective departments of PWDPON to for evaluation and awarding.

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