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ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization

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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Indian Space Research Organization eProcurement, ISRO Tender

A valid class 3 digital signature certificate is required to access the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) e-procurement portal. For  ISRO e-tendering in India, vendors need both the categories of digital certificates - signing and encryption. The signing digital certificate is used by the vendors for the purpose of logging onto the official portal. For submission of bids, an encryption digital certificate is required.

Registered users cannot access the ISRO e-procurement system with expired certificates. The digital signature certificates (DSC) have to be valid. When vendors purchase a new DSC, they are required to send the public key for the new certificate using their unique password. For this the tenderers must visit the 'New certificate' link on the official Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) e-procurement portal. 
Bids submitted by vendors are encrypted to protect their confidential information. The information can be decrypted with a DSC. In case the users need to decrypt some information, they must possess copies of their old certificates, along with the respective public keys. New/ renewed certificates cannot be to used the decrypt information which was encrypted using old/ expired certificates.

DSCs contribute towards making the portal secure. Bids which are encrypted and submitted by one bidder, cannot be decrypted and viewed by another user.

A valid DSC can be purchased from a certifying authority. Sify SafeScrypt is a licensed certifying authority in India. Purchase a valid class 3 digital signature certificate with a user-friendly system at 

  1. More than one employee of an organisation can register on the ISRO e-tendering portal. The first user is referred to as the primary user. This user has to authorise registration of other users from the same company. An additional security feature ensures that bids which are encrypted by one user cannot be decrypted by another user. 
  2. The primary user can also authorise a registered user to function as a primary user. This handover is especially useful when he/ she leaves the organisation. Thus the new primary user will receive all the future email communication for ISRO e-procurement. Alternately, an email request can be sent to The alternate user who wishes to become the new primary user, must forward the email along with company name and user ID.
  3. Employees registering on the behalf of their companies must provide their official e-mail IDs. Free mail addresses provided by mail service providers such as Yahoo or Gmail are not acceptable.  
  4. Vendors cannot submit their bids offline. Bid templates for the  Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) e-procurement can be filled only online and saved in encrypted format. Bid templates from the official portal cannot be downloaded or filled offline. PDF files are not secure as they are not encrypted and hence unsafe for furnishing price details. PDF files attached by the vendor are treated as supporting documents. If the bid price can be seen in the documents submitted by the tenderer, the bid may be considered invalid leading to rejection.

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