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Government Of Madhya Pradesh

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Government Of Madhya Pradesh eProcurement / Online Tenders

Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

The Government of Madhya Pradesh (MP) uses the e-procurement system to obtain the most suitable and vying bidders. The MP government plans to implement the e-procurement system in India, phase wise, in all departments, agencies, boards, corporations and other organisations and undertakings of the MP state.

To view information related to the Madhya Pradesh Government e-procurement process, visit the official website at The website is intended to act as the official portal for e-procurement of construction of works, supply of materials and procurement of services by the departments, agencies, boards, state government undertakings, corporations and other organisations of the state of Madhya Pradesh. 

The reverse auction process used for e-purchasing and online transactions, involves a single buyer and many sellers. The basic idea to use this process is that the buyers specify what they want to purchase and offer it to various suppliers.

With the advent of the latest technology and security in online processes, most government authorities have switched to e-procurement. E-procurement is a transparent and a secure way to award contracts in the government sector. 

A Sify SafeScrypt digital signature certificate is your best choice for e-filing and e-tendering in India. Sify, a licensed certifying authority, issues class 2 digital signature certificates and class 3 digital signature certificates for secure online transactions.

E-sign is authorised to issue digital signature certificates for online processes such as e-tendering and e-procurement in India. The certifying authority (CA) which issues the digital signature certificate is required to provide proof of the issuance to confirm that a person was issued a certificate and the proof presented by that person to acquire the digital signature.

Sify SafeScrypt, represented by its most efficient, longest standing and ethical Registration Authority – Adweb Techno-Trade Pvt. Ltd. (Link to ), issues over 100,000 digital signature certificates every year to residents in India and abroad. Adweb may be visited online at or on telephone number +912228790310+912228790310 or by email to

As recommended by the government of MP, below is the list of documents required for Class 2 digital signature certificates:

1) Attested copy of photo identity proof of applicant (any one required) : 

PAN Card
Driving license 
Bank account passbook with a photograph
Identity card attested by authorised signatory of the company with photograph. 

2) Attested copy of proof of residence of applicant (any one required) : 
Driving license 
Latest telephone bill 
Latest electricity bill 
Latest LIC receipt 
Latest  bank statement

3) For both identity and residence proof - An attested copy of any one of the following: 
Driving license 

At e-sign, we provide Class 3 digital signature certificates which are valid for one year and two years, depending upon your requirement. Using our user-friendly online portal you can even either a signing digital signature certificate or a signing and encryption digital signature certificate. Buy and apply for a Sify SafeScrypt digital signature certificate at 
If you need any advice on which certificate would best suit your purpose take a look at our 'Certificate Wizard' at

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