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Electronics Corporation of TamilNadu

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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Online Tenders / ELCOT eProcurement

With the introduction of e-governance in India, various government organisations and their departments use e-tendering to procure goods and services. Through e-governance, government services can be made easily available to citizens in a transparent convenient and efficient manner.

Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu Limited (ELCOT) is a wholly-owned Government of Tamil Nadu Undertaking. ELCOT started commercial operations, in 1981, with the manufacturing of two-way communication equipments, electronic products and components through its own manufacturing units.

Class 3 digital signature certificates are required to participate in Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu online tenders. Digital signatures provide more security as compared to handwritten signatures. They help in maintaining the integrity of the data. The messages or documents cannot be changed after they are signed using a valid digital signature. Digital signatures allow conversion of processes and transactions to the electronic mode thereby reducing time, costs and efforts required for creating and maintaining physical records. The signatures provide authentication, i.e. the receiver of a document or communication is assured of the signee’s authenticity. Sify class 3 digital signature certificates also function in the same manner and can be used for ELCOT e-tenders and ELCOT e-procurement.

Valid Sify digital signature certificates are issued by Safescrypt – a licensed certifying authority. These certificates are based on public key technology and use asymmetric cryptography. Each digital signature certificate (DSC) owner’s identity is identified with a pair of keys - a private key and a public key. The keys are actually mathematical codes. When a user signs a message/ document, a mathematical code is generated with the help of an algorithm and the digital contents. For each process and content a unique code is generated. The code is encrypted with the individual's private key. This is called a 'Digital signature'

Digital signature is an electronic means of authenticating a user’s online identity.  A Sify digital signature can be used for:
  1. Authentication of the message: The sender’s identity can be verified from the signature on the documents.
  2. Security of the document: The signature encrypts the message and hence it can be read only by the intended recipient. Unauthorised users cannot access confidential information shared online.
  3. Integrity of message: Content on a digitally signed document cannot be tampered with. The original content of the message is unchanged. 
  4. Non-repudiation: The message can be attributable to the sender and is automatically time-stamped

Sify class 3 DSCs are available with a validity of one year or two years. Users can purchase Sify DSCs online at https://www.esign.in/digital-signature-certificate 

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