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Hindustan Newsprint Limited Tenders, HNL eProcurement, Sify SafeScrypt Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, Sify DSC, Sify Class 2 Class 3 Digital Certificate
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Hindustan Newsprint Limited Tenders / HNL eProcurement

Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Hindustan Newsprint Limited (HNL) has initiated e-auction, also referred to as e-procurement, to procure services, works and goods. Electronic auctions are carried out online and selected bidders submit bid prices electronically.

The HNL e-tender portal has been developed such that vendor registration, setting of start bid price, set up of auction, tender awarding, tender start time, auto extension of times and end of auction are supported in a real-time interactive environment. All communication to the bidders, right from invitation to pre-qualified bidders to submitting new prices, will be electronic.

Bidders have to register on the Hindustan Newsprint Limited tenders portal to participate in HNL e-procurement. Vendors will be given username and password upon registration. On successful registration, vendors will receive email communication on the email address provided during registration. After registration, the email address can also be modified. On the HNL e-tenders portal, vendors are advised to change their passwords at least once every three to four months. It can be changed easily using the ‘Modify password’ link on the portal. Vendors can also edit or update their registration information after logging onto the portal.

When the registration validity on e-tendering portal is nearing expiry, an alert message is displayed during login. The alert message is displayed 30 days in advance. Vendors should renew their registration well in advance.

Class 3 digital signature certificate is mandatory to participate in the e-tendering system. Vendors are advised to procure a valid class 3 DSC well in advance before participating in HNL e-tenders. Digital Signatures can be obtained from any registration authority on certifying authority, licensed by the Controller of Certifying Authority, India. Sify digital signatures are ideal for e-tendering in India. Either sify class 2 DSC or sify class 3 DSC can be purchased online, as per the buyers’ requirements. Esign has developed a user-friendly certificate tool to help vendors determine the type sify digital signature certificate they need to buy https://www.esign.in/digital-signature-certificate.aspx?#wizard

After obtaining a valid sify digital signature certificate, vendors have to log-in with the e-token in which the DSC is stored. The digital certificate number will be automatically updated in the vendor’s profile during his/her first login. Alternatively, bidders can send the sify DSC serial number to HNL tenders’ representative with authenticated documents. The vendor’s profile will be updated with the DSC serial number.

To ensure security, sify digital signatures come in a cryptographic token called VASCO DP key 101. Digital signatures are as valuable as an individual’s hand-written signature and its misuse or misrepresentation can have a legal liability. To protect a sify class 2 digital certificates and sify class 3 digital certificates from misuse, Esign provides them on a USB cryptographic device. The device uses a special smart-card based chip to prevent tampering. It is password protected and erases itself if subjected to brute force attacks.

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