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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

BEST Mumbai eProcurement, Brihanmumbai Electric Supply And Transport Mumbai Tenders

Brihanmumbai electric supply and transport (BEST), Mumbai has introduced e-tendering for availing goods and services. The prospective bidders can view, download and upload their tenders on the BEST Mumbai e-procurement portal The website is user friendly and all activities related to the BEST Mumbai tenders can be carried out on this portal, at the vendor's convenience. It is an extremely efficient process and helps save time and money involved in the offline tendering process. 

Requisites for participating in the online BEST Mumbai tenders
  1. Vendors have to register on the BEST Mumbai e-procurement portal and obtain a valid user id and a password to participate in the online tenders in India.
  2. Vendors who wish to bid for the online BEST tenders should have a legally valid digital signature certificate (DSC) issued by one of the licensed Certifying Authorities operating under the Root Certifying Authority of India (RCAI), Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) of India. As per the IT ACT, 2000, vendors should buy a class 3 digital signature certificate for BEST Mumbai e-procurement.
  3. Bidders have to pay requisite tender cost and earnest money deposit (EMD) where applicable. EMD is mandatory for all the vendors who bid for the tenders. The bids will not be opened if the fees are not paid. 
  4. Some tenders will have specific pre-requisites mentioned in the tender documents. Vendors must fulfill these requirements. 
  5. Any vendor who has a valid user id and a password can directly participate in any live public tender available on the BEST Mumbai e-procurement portal without any pre-screening.

Registration process for the BEST Mumbai e-procurement portal: 

On the homepage, there is a link for tenderers to fill up their registration form online create a login. 
  1. They the have to fill up details of their organisation/company. 
  2. After filling up the details, users have to select the digital signature certificate (DSC). 
  3. The tenderers are recommended to give a valid and active e-mail address to ensure that they receive their passwords and emails. 
  4. BEST conducts a verification process before issuing the login details. A system-generated user id and password will be sent to the e-mail address of the tenderer within 24 hours. The same login details can be used to participate in all future tenders issued by BEST. The users are advised to change the password allotted by the system.

Digital signature certificates for online tenders in India: 
The tenderers can easily buy digital signature certificates online in India. The certificates are valid for a period of one year or two years. The user must choose the validity period as per his/her requirement and avail the digital signature certificate from providers. Digital certificates have become crucial with the introduction of e-governance in India and are used for e-procurement in India, online tenders, e-ticketing, etc. 

Vendors should keep a note of the expiry date of their digital certificates. They are recommended to get the certificate renewed well in advance to avoid login issues at the last moment. The tenderers would not be able to submit their bids for online tenders for e-procurement in India with an expired DSC.

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