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Digital Signature Certificates - Class 3 SafeScrypt SIFY

A digital signature is an electronic signature which is used to verify whether an electronic document is authentic. Individuals use digital signature certificates (DSCs) to ensure that electronic documents shared using the internet are not tampered with. Hackers cannot view or modify documents which are signed using a valid class 3 DSC.

A digital signature comes with two keys – a public key and a private key. These keys are used to encrypt and decrypt the shared data. The owner can share his/her public key which is used to encrypt information. This information can be decrypted only with an appropriate key. Without a key to decrypt the message, the encrypted data cannot be read by any unauthorised user. Certificate owners should save their private key in a secure manner.

In India, class 3 digital signature certificates are issued to individuals as well as organisations. For issuance of a Safescrypt(SIFY) class 3 digital signature certificate, applicants have to appear in person to confirm their identity.

Safescrypt(SIFY) class 3 DSC can be purchased online at The certificate will be delivered to within seven working days. VASCO digipass key is provided with every sify digital signature certificate.
SIFY class 3 digital signature certificates are used for online tenders of:

Safescrypt(SIFY) class 3 digital signature certificate is also used in Patent e-filing and Trademark e-filing

Class 3 digital signature certificates come with a validity of one or two years. Every certificate comes with a start date and an expiry date. When a user submits an online application using a DSC, the validity period of a certificate is checked. The expiry dates of certificates issued are added to the certificate revocation list (CRL). Once the certificate is invalid, it is removed from the revocation list.

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A Safescrypt digital signature certificate is your best choice for efiling, etendering and any other application which requires a secure digital credential. These certificates are issued by the Safescrypt(SIFY) CA licensed certification authority

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