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DGNPV eTenders, Director General Naval Projects Visakhapatnam eProcurement, Sify SafeScrypt Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, Sify DSC, Sify Class 2 Class 3 Digital Certificate
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Director General Naval Projects Visakhapatnam

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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Director General Naval Projects Visakhapatnam Online Tenders / DGNPV eProcurement

Vendors and contractors have to register on the Director General Naval Projects Visakhapatnam (DGNPV) e-tendering portal to participate in their tenders. To register on the DGNPV e-tendering portal users are advised to pay the registration fee for M/S ITI Ltd. only through e-payment by using a credit card, net banking or a debit card. From 23/06/2014 onwards, e-payment will be compulsory. On the portal, registered users can download the registration procedure document, view the latest circulars, view tender details and file for tenders.

After registering on the DGNPV e-procurement portal, tenderer can also avail add-on services such as e-mail alerts, reminders, e-notifications and SMS messages. Vendors have to ensure that the given email address is valid and active. If the emails are received in the ‘Spam’ folder, the user has to mark such mails as 'Not spam'. These alerts help provide additional information on the DGNPV e-tendering portal. Communication alerts like e-mails and SMSs are sent to the recipient’s email address and mobile number provided by the user during vendor registration. However, vendors and contractors are advised to check the portal regularly for updates related to tenders in which they have participated.

Registered users can access the Director General Naval Projects Visakhapatnam e-procurement system with the security devices prescribed from time to time. Digital signature certificate (DSC) is required to participate in e-tendering in India. While using the certificate, users should ensure that all provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000, are complied with.

Vendors have to procure valid digital signature certificates from any one of the authorised certifying agencies (CAs) approved by Controller of Certifying Authorities, Government of India. Safescrpyt, a licensed certifying agency, issues sify digital signature certificates after verifying the identity of the individual. Vendors are advised to obtain a DSC well in advance before using the DGNPV e-procurement system. Class 3 digital signature certificates are available in two categories - signing class 3 digital signature certificate and encryption class 3 digital signature certificate. They can be used for e-tendering. For obtaining a class 3 digital signature certificate, individuals have to be physically present at a registration authority to prove his/ her identity.

Safescrypt, India’s first and leading certifying authority, issues sify class 2 DSCs and sify class 3 DSCs to individuals and organisations based on their requirements. A sify digital signature certificate is ideal for all online transactions such as e-filing, e-tendering and other applications which require a secure digital credential. Users can identify the ideal sify digital signature for their requirements at https://www.esign.in/digital-signature-certificate. Users have to install their sify class 3 digital signature certificates on their computer before participating on online tenders. They can complete the installation process with these details - https://www.esign.in/digital-signature-certificate-installation

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