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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Online Tenders / IIMB eProcurement

Established in 1973, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) is recognised both in India and globally. Tender Notices will be available on the IIMB e-procurement website when tenders are announced. Interested bidders are advised to check for notices or corrigendum related to Tender Notices on the website before submitting their tenders.

To participate in the IIMB e-tendering process, vendors have to register with the institute through a digital signature certificate (DSC). A class 3 digital signature certificate of the signing category is required for this process. Application forms for sify digital signature certificates can be downloaded from

A sify class 3 digital signature certificate comes in a USB cryptographic device to prevent tampering. A certificate owner’s digital signature is as valuable as his/ her hand-written signature. Misuse or misrepresentation of a digital signature can lead to legal liability. The USB cryptographic device, which uses a special smart card based chip, is password protected and erases itself if subjected to brute force attacks.

Vendors can also revoke their sify class 3 DSC, if required. All revocation requests must be made to Esign, in writing. The application form must have the certificate owner’s physical signature. The request will be forwarded to Safescrypt – the certifying authority. Their office will take up the request to revoke the sify DSC.

Vendors can obtain more than one sify digital signatures, based on their requirements. Possessing more than one digital signature certificates is acceptable under the Indian Information Technology Act 2000. These digital signatures can be procured from a single certifying authority or different authorities.  The certificates could belong to any class – class 2 or class 3. They may also be used for different applications simultaneously or separately. Various certifying authorities may mandate different levels of authentication of the applicant’s identity. These details would be included in the fields of a digital signature certificate. For example the Director General of Foreign Trade mandates that an exporter quote his/her IEC code number in the class 3 digital certificate while the income tax department may insist on that the PAN number is listed in the details of a class 2 digital signature certificate. To meet the various requirements, vendors may have to purchase more than one certificates.

In partnership with Safescrypt, Esign issues sify digital signatures to individuals and organisations, both in India and globally. Vendors can buy sify digital signature certificates online at You can also contact us via
Phone: +912228790310 or

Digital signatures have various advantages over the handwritten signatures:
•    They allow conversion of processes and transactions to the electronic mode. This helps in reducing time, costs and efforts required for creating and maintaining physical records.
•    They are also used to maintain integrity of data shared on the internet. Once signed by a digital signature, the message or document cannot be changed.
•    The certificates provide authentication, i.e. the receiver of a document or communication is assured of the authenticity of the signee.

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