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Email Signing & Encryption (MS Outlook)

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SIFY Class 2 Digital Signature Certificate

Email Signing & Encryption (Microsoft Outlook) Digital Signature Certificate

Digital signature certificates are also known as a digital ID or simply as a digital certificate. Each certificate is a small file which is not only issued, but also verified by a certification authority (CA). It is used to digitally sign or encrypt emails.

To help you protect the privacy of your emails, Microsoft Outlook has the following security features, along with others:
  1. Digital signatures: It helps the recipient verify the identity of the sender. A user can send and receive digitally signed messages using Microsoft Outlook digital signature certificate

  2. Email encryption: This security feature helps protect the privacy of your emails     by encrypting the message and scrambling the text. Only your intended recipients can read the message.

  3. Phishing detection: MS Outlook detects suspicious links to fraudulent websites and gives a warning to the user. 

You can digitally sign or encrypt emails using Microsoft Outlook digital certificates  or digital signature certificates for Microsoft Outlook Express email client. Signing and encryption digital signature certificates are security measures frequently used by private companies as well as government agencies to secure their information. To send a digitally encrypted email, you need to request an encryption digital signature certificate from a certification authority (CA). 

For information about how to request a Microsoft Outlook digital certificate from a authorised certification authority visit

E-sign is an e-commerce initiative of Adweb Techno-Trade Pvt Ltd and you can purchase legally valid class 2 and class 3 digital signature certificates to validate transactions in India and protect the privacy of your personal and professional email messages. 
Adweb is the registration authority for SIFY Digital Signature Certificate which is a a certifying authority. Our company is authorised to sell class 2 and class 3 digital signature certificates to individuals, companies and government and banking institutions located worldwide for doing secure business in India.

We recommend class 2 digital signature certificates for email signing  and  encryption in MS Outlook.

To use digital signatures for email encryption, both the sender and recipient must have an email application that supports the S/MIME standard. Microsoft Outlook supports the S/MIME standard. S/MIME  is a security standard which is built into various email applications, including Microsoft Outlook. However, MS Outlook also an option to make sure that your digitally signed messages can be read by all your intended recipients, even if they have not set up an email application and are unable to verify the certificate. Check your email 'security' settings to enable this feature. There is also an option to configure your settings for MS Outlook Digital Certificate such that your recipients can also send you encrypted emails. 

Before you send an encrypted email, you must add a digital certificate for outgoing messages to the keychain on your computer. You also have to save a copy of each recipient's certificate saved with the contacts' entries in Microsoft Outlook. Your recipient's digital certificate is used to encrypt his or her copy of the message, when you send an encrypted message. Your certificate is used to encrypt the email that you have sent or have stored in your 'drafts' folder.