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Himachal Road Transport Corporation Tenders, HRTC eProcurement, Sify SafeScrypt Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate, Sify DSC, Sify Class 2 Class 3 Digital Certificate.
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Himachal Road Transport Corporation HRTC

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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Himachal Road Transport Corporation Online Tenders / HRTC eProcurement

Himachal Road Transport Corporation has introduced an e-procurement system to procure items electronically, using the internet. The system drastically reduces time and indirect costs involved in the tendering cycle. It also enhances transparency in the procurement process.

To access the HRTC online tenders system, vendors require a computer system with
•    Pentium IV configuration and above.
•    A secure internet connection. A dedicated connection would be ideal for smooth operation of the Himachal Road Transport Corporation tender portal.
•    The web browser should be Java enabled. Either one of these can be used - Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
•    A driver for digital signature certificates (DSC) has to be installed on the system once. The DSC providers provide the drivers in the digital signature certificate kit.

The HRTC e-procurement system can be accessed from any location if the system has to above mentioned configuration. The HRTC e-procurement portal is very user friendly. Under the 'Latest Active Tenders' link, users can view all tenders hosted on this portal and download the tender schedule. The portal has been developed such that users can view the tenders which would close on the same day or close within 7 days or within next 14 days.

As per the Information Technology Act 2000, a digitally-signed electronic document is as good as paper document for all legal purposes. Hence, after uploading tender-related documents on the tender portal, there is no need to submit the documents physically. The documents have to be provided for verification if required. However, if the vendor chooses to make payments via offline methods the physical documents have to be submitted before the bid opening event.

A digital certificate, which is mandatory for online tenders, can be presented electronically to prove the owners’ identity, to sign certain documents digitally, to access information or services on the internet. Sify digital signature certificates, issued by Safescrypt, are ideal for online tendering, e-filing and other applications which require a secure digital credential. Individuals or authorised representatives for organisations can purchase sify class 2 DSC or sify class 3 DSC, based on their requirements. Documents required for obtaining these certificates can be viewed here https://www.esign.in/International

Esign technical support team provides online and offline support for installation of sify digital signatures on the buyers’ computer systems. Buyers can also track the status of their order online. The team delivers the certificate kit within 7 working days of placement of the order. The kit contains
•    USB crypto token from VASCO (DP-Key 101): It contains a sify digital signature certificate. If the buyer has opted not to purchase the USB token, the sify DSC will be sent, via email, to the registered email id.
•    CD: Drivers required for installing the USB Crypto token from VASCO (DP-Key 101) on to a Windows PC are stored in this CD

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