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ONGC - Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd

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Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd Online Tenders / ONGCeProcurement

Select Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd (ONGC) tenders are hosted on the ONGC e-procurement portal http://tenders.ongc.co.in. The tenderers, who wish to submit their bids, have to register on the portal. For all ONGC e-tenders listed on the ONGC e-tendering portal, the vendors have to submit their price bids and unpriced technical bids online. The website allows the bidders to 
  • Find tender-related information
  • Download tender-related documents
  • Pay tender fees
  • Submit price bids
  • Submit unpriced technical bids
  • Receive notification of the relevant tenders
  • Receive tender documents
All this can be done efficiently online at the vendors convenience. Electronic or e-tendering in India is similar to the traditional tendering process. 

Some of the tender-related documents such as the EMD and those mentioned in the 'tender documents', have to be submitted in originals. They can be sent to the tender box. 

The Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd e-procurement portal has various security features to ensure a secure online process. An important step is that all activity on the portal, by registered users, is logged. Only authorised personnel can access the data.  

Digital signature certificates play a key role in making e-procurement in India a secure and a transparent process. Certifying authorities, which are authorised by the Controller of Certifying Authorities under Ministry of IT, issue digital certificates to individuals/ companies only after a thorough verification process. The certificates are also mandatory for filing e-tenders for many government organisations and their departments. 

For filing e-tenders for Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd e-procurement, a bidder must purchase a valid class 3 digital signature certificate, as per the Indian IT Act . The bidders must apply for a class 3 certificate, which is used for signing, The certificate has to be registered in the designated individual's name along with the name of the organisation. The bidder has to submit the tender documents with an authorised digital signature. Similar to a written signature, a digital signature verifies the identity of the individual sending the message. 

The portal for has been developed with additional features such as process validation. This additional security feature ensures that even the ONGC officers cannot view the bids till the date and time for the opening of the bid is due. All the documents submitted by the bidders are encrypted.

The Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd e-procurement portal ensures that unauthorised users do not have access. The entire system is protected by a secure firewall. Even at the database level, the passwords are stored in an encrypted format. The portal uses a server certificate for additional security. A 128 bit secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, issued by verisign, ensures that the communication such as login credentials can be transmitted in a secure manner. Without the SSL certificate an authorised user may be able to access data transmitted between a browser and a server.  Due to the SSL certificates, all the information between browser and web server is encrypted and cannot be hacked.

The ONGC e-procurement process is in compliance with the guidelines laid down by the Information Technology Act, 2000.

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