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Sify Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate

Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-Operative eProcurement / IFFCO Tenders

With the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the legalisation of electronic security mechanism, various Government organisations and their departments are switching to e-governance. In India, e-tendering and e-procurement are widely used to seek vendors for purchasing their goods and availing their services. With this initiative, filing and processing of tender applications can be completed online. SIFY offers digital signature certificates via e-sign to vendors who wish to participate in e-procurement for Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-Operative (IFFCO)

Why has e-procurement been introduced?
  • It helps bring transparency in the e-tendering process.
  • This efficient process also reduces the cycle time of procurement.
  • The process reduces opportunities for abuse of power.
  • The online process can be carried out irrespective of the bidders' geographical location.
  • It makes the bidding process fair and brings better competition between vendors.
  • It is in sync with the developing technology

E-procurement system of IFFCO is user friendly and has the following features:
  • The vendors can view tenders on the portal.
  • Registered vendors can submit their bids online with digital signatures.
  • The tenderer can upload the tender-related documents on the IFFCO e-procurement portal.
  • The files can even be updated or deleted by the registered vendors.
  • The orders can be purchased online.
  • The tenderer can view the history of purchase orders placed and can post queries about it.
  • Bidders can print their quotations, from the website, for their reference.
  • The portal provides e-mail and SMS integration.
  • The website is in compliance with the IT Act, 2000.
  • Vendor can provide advance intimation about despatch.
  • Summary of technical and priced bids, presented by various bidders, can be viewed on the Indian Farmers Fertilizer Co-Operative e-procurement website. The access is  limited for the vendors who took part in the bidding process for that particular enquiry.
  • The bids submitted by bidders are viewed and evaluated using secure online procedures with the assistance of public key infrastructure (PKI), encryption and signing digital certificates.
  • Bidders can test their digital certificate at -

Following are the pre-requisites for vendors of the e-procurement system of IFFCO:

  • Class 3 digital signature certificate (DSC) which has both encryption and signing features. The signing digital certificate is useful to the vendors for the purpose of logging onto the official portal. The encryption digital certificate is required for submission of bids.
  • The digital certificate has to be registered with the name of the organisation.
  • Internet explorer which is of version 6, 7 and 8

The role of digital signature certificate in the IFFCO e-tendering system:

Electronic signature or 'e-signature' is the electronic equivalent of a handwritten signature. It helps verify the identity of the bidder. Digital certificates can be issued only by certifying authorities, as per the IT Act, 2000. The electronic signature addresses issues such as integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation. Under the IT Act, only an electronically signed document will be considered as a valid signed document on the internet. To purchase a class 3 digital signature certificate, issued by SIFY, visit

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